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Toma decisiones acetardas para una buena gestión.


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Make the right decisions for good management.

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Toma decisiones acetardas para una buena gestión.


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Let's focus on the plan, development and growth of your business.

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I'm Johan Angel

If you are passionate about the digital world and want to learn how to boost your business, you are in the right place; My goal is to strengthen and empower businesses of entrepreneurs, professionals and brands through content marketing strategies, online advertising, social networks and email marketing. 

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How can I help you?

Do you have any idea to carry out a project or objective that you want to achieve to strengthen your company or personal brand? With my advice you will find the tools to innovate, make a difference and do great things through the digital marketing revolution.


Our advice guides you and makes you aware of the various paths that exist according to your needs. My basic function is to support you to design a marketing strategy that allows you to achieve the objectives you have defined for your business.




We have a specialized advisory service aimed at different industries, focused on finding solutions to business needs through innovation, experience, target audience and the growth of those who trust our services.




Our workshops are designed as responses to the professional challenges of the world of work, they are taught by experts who aim to provide our clients with tools for the development of specific skills and abilities in the chosen area of ​​knowledge.



Our conferences have a seal of distinction and quality that sets them apart from the competition. They have the peculiarity of being recorded in the minds of our audiences and generating great impressions on the attendees. They are the product of great planning and execution by our team of experts.



Connect with your brand

Optimize your strategy

make yourself known

Let's work hand in hand to get the best result

I am the founder and shareholder of four ventures in the digital environment (Nerd Agency, Lazy Agency, King Promo and Great Man) that are under the Sanchz Group. I have been a great dreamer and teamwork has shown me that they are profitable and bear satisfactory fruit. My invitation is open for us to build together ideal scenarios for the transformation and development of innovative ideas.

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